Welcome to Rain Shadow El Rancho – Where the Buffalo Roam

Buffalo babiesNestled in the foothills of Oregon’s Central Willamette Valley, is a scenic ranch called Rain Shadow El Rancho.

There you’ll find Joe and Karen Schueller raising buffalo the natural way, with no artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. Why mess with it? Let’s face it, there’s no need. Nature got it right the first time.

In addition to Buffalo roaming the range on the 145 acres known as Rain Shadow El Rancho, you’ll also find free-range chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, Shetland sheep, plus various cats and dogs.

We invite you to stop by to see the largest land mammal in North America: The American Bison or Buffalo.

Please contact us for more information (541) 259-5006 or email us at moc.l1505820270oa@oh1505820270cnarw1505820270odahs1505820270niar1505820270

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