Pastured Pork Prices

Now Accepting the Oregon Trail Card
(with notice when ordering)

 Sirloin      $4.30 per pound          Tenderloin    $6.80 per pound

Sirloin  Boneless   $5.10  per pound      Bone-In  $4.50  per pound
Loin Chops or Rib Chops   $5.10  per pound
Bacon Chops  $5.25  per pound

Whole Loin   $4.40 per pound    Boneless/Rolled  $4.80 per pound
Sirloin           $4.30 per pound
Top Round   $5.10 per pound
Boston Butt  $4.15 per pound

Whole Shoulder            $4.00 per pound
Boneless Shoulder        $4.60 per pound
Boneless Leg                $4.60 per pound
Shanks                          $2.70 per pound
Trotters (Feet)               $1.95 per pound
Spare Ribs                    $4.40 per pound
Baby Back Ribs             $6.40 per pound

Bacon    $6.95 per pound (sliced)       $6.75 per pound (slab)

Hams   Boneless  $5.39 per pound          Bone-In  $3.99 per pound

Picnics   Boneless  $4.65 per pound       Bone-In  $3.95 per pound

Stir-Fry or Stew Meat    $5.60 per pound
Pre-cut in pieces in 1 pound and 5 pound packages

Ground Pork
 Bulk ground in 1 pound or 5 pound packages     $3.95 per pound

Pork Trim   $3.35 per lb.

Suckling Pig (whole)  $6.75 per pound – plus processing fee
(weight varies under 50 pounds)

BBQ Pig $6.10 per pound  – typically over 80 pounds

Half or Whole  $3.95 per pound based on hanging weight,
we pay cut and wrap.
Add $.85 per pound of cured meat for bacon, hams or picnic processing.

Half or Whole Restaurant Style  $3.20 per pound.
(max of three pieces to half)

All pigs have been raised naturally with no hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals.

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