News from the Ranch

If this weekend included a holiday we for you hope you had a great time. We went to the annual potluck for the 12th year. Our friends who moved to Costa Rica started the tradition and now others have taken up the hosting of the potluck. What a great time it was.
I had a really good day. It was reminiscent of when we first started ranching. I worked on a project out with the buffalo, watched the calves gather together napping in the sunshine, and then went to gathering birds for tomorrow’s processing. My neighbor the grass seed farmer commented
 ‘ There is never a lack of things to do when farming”.   He sure is right but I enjoy being busy, out with the animals and in the sunshine.
Karen tells folks ” Joe has big boy toys”. And she took a picture just to show everyone.
I have a big  overstuffed recliner that I like to sit in to watch TV.  I usually come in and turn on national news, settling in my chair. And proceed to watch the national news and then local news and finally Jeopardy. I can always tell when I have had a very productive day; I wake up and Jeopardy is over. Today was one of those days.
We went an looked at and played with a LGD puppy this weekend. It is a mix of Akbash and Pyrenees. Puppy’s are so hard to resist but we did not bring it home. Ivan is almost 9 years old, so it is time to consider bringing a new dog onto the ranch. I just could not bring myself to accept that Ivan will pass on sooner that I am ready for. A new dog would make that very clear.
We will harvest the first of our chicken fryers this week. These are sold but next week we will have more fresh fryers available . We have almost cleared the freezer of fryers. Getting the field hands used to the idea there are now two types of chickens may be a challenge. To them a chicken is a chicken only size is different.  Never a dull moment.